The “FBI” of Couponing – Ethical Couponing to Safeguard our Future to Savings


The CIC or the Coupon Information Center is a very important part of couponing and should be used by all couponers as guidelines and for educational purposes. This company exists because of shady couponing: counterfeit coupons, and fraudulent activities including glittering and balancing methods. These are like the coupon police! While technically, they are not actually police officers but most of them have many years of law enforcement experience and they work with federal and local agencies to arrest couponers and those who try to defraud/deceive other people and stores with the illegal coupon usage and fake coupons.

One of the coupons that I received in the mail came directly from the company. As you can see in the photo above, the CIC has a hologram across the top and many retailers will only accept coupons for free items with the CIC hologram. If it doesn’t have it, most likely it is fake.

For information about coupon fraud, go HERE.

To report fake coupons and shady methods; glittering and balancing , go HERE and HERE

For a few tips on coupon etiquette, go HERE

Other shady activities that are not encouraged HERE

Check out the latest counterfeit coupons. It’s crazy to see so many fake ones!

The CIC exists to help us protect the future of couponing. As most of you know, the rules have gotten stricter because of the abuse. A lot of coupons offer a limit of 1 to 2 like coupons per day and some have big red bold wording to encourage cashiers/managers to ensure the coupons are for the correct products. Unfortunately, a lot of cashiers just scan the coupons…if it doesn’t beep, they assume if’s for the correct product.

Because every retailer has different register programs, some coupons will beep in one store and not for others. There are lots of secret Facebook groups that encourage glittering, an illegal method of saving, and they share what stores don’t beep for the mismatched products. For example, using a $5 off Sudafed manufacturer coupon on a $1 Dawn dish soap, making it a $4 overage, that doesn’t beep at the register for unsuspecting cashiers (or the couponers are friends with the cashiers).

I have been couponing for over 18 years and this is a lifestyle for me. So, with all the negative changes, it does effect me, along with others, especially those who live paycheck to paycheck and it’s a vital source of family savings. This is why I am very passionate about ethical couponing and why I discourage shady activities. Couponers that glitter are NOT real savers, they are THIEVES.