Local Business of the Week: Blue Bonnet Bling Boutique

Check out this beautiful boutique, which has brick and mortar locations in McGregor and Waco! If you are unable to shop in one of these stores, you can shop online HERE! The boutique is offering a 15% discount for the Savealotmom followers! You can use online code MOM15 or click HERE to start shopping and the discount will be automatically put in your order!

You can see the latest arrivals on Facebook and on Instagram! Don’t forget to “LIKE” them and receive notifications for the hottest and current styles.

Valentine’s Day collection:

The weather is getting warmer! Pair this with a cute cardigan for the cooler temps. To see this top online, go HERE.

This pink Off the Shoulder top is a color for everyone! To see this top online, go HERE.

Simple but makes a statement! To see this dress online, go HERE.

Beautiful for a wedding or big date! To see this dress online, go HERE.

For directions to the McGregor store, go HERE. Directions to the Waco store, go HERE. For updated hours, go to their Facebook HERE.

2021 Coupon Insert Schedule

Check your local newspaper to find out what inserts they carry. There are three major inserts: Smartsource (SS), RetailMeNot (RMN) and the monthly P&Gs. These inserts are subject change and are regional. The Killeen Daily Herald newspaper carries the RMN and the monthly P&Gs. Austin, Dallas and San Antonio papers carry all three. If you live in another city or state, contact your local newspaper company to find out what inserts they carry.

For the Killeen and surrounding areas, there are local publications that are FREE to the general public which carry the RMN and the P&Gs and will be available based on the coupon insert schedule. These coupon inserts come out before Sunday so you can use them before the actual issued date: Fort Hood Herald newspapers come out every Wednesday, Cove & Heights Herald and Harker Heights Evening Star comes out on Fridays. These will be inside newspaper stands at gas stations, grocery stores, libraries and some food establishments. You can call the Killeen Daily Herald to find locations nearest you at (254) 501-7499.


  • 3rd    RetailMeNot (2), SmartSource (2)
  • 10th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 17th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 24th  RetailMeNot (2) , SmartSource
  • 31st  RetailMeNot (2), SmartSource, P&G


  • 7th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 14th  RetailMeNot
  • 21st  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 28th  RetailMeNot (2), SmartSource, P&G 


  • 7th   RetailMeNot
  • 14th   RetailMeNot
  • 21st   RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 28th   RetailMeNot, SmartSource (2), P&G


  • 4th    No Inserts (Easter)
  • 11th  RetailMeNot, Smartsource
  • 18th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 25th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource, P&G


  • 2nd  RetailMeNot (2), SmartSource
  • 9th   RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 16th RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 23rd RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 30th P&G


  • 6th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 13th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource 
  • 20th RetailMeNot, SmartSource  
  • 27th RetailMeNot, SmartSource


  • 4th   RetailMeNot, P&G (Independence Day)
  • 11th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource 
  • 18th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 25th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource, P&G


  • 1st     RetailMeNot (2), SmartSource 
  • 8th    RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 15th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 22nd RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 29th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource, P&G


  • 5th    RetailMeNot 
  • 12th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource (2)
  • 19th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource  
  • 26th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource, P&G


  • 3rd   RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 10th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 17th RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 24th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 31st  RetailMeNot, SmartSource, P&G


  • 7th    RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 14th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 21st  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 28th  P&G


  •   5th    RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 12th  RetailMeNot, SmartSource
  • 19th  No Inserts
  • 26th  P&G 

Fetch App: Get Paid for Buying what You Need!

One of the apps that I recently started to use has definitely won my heart over. A lot of apps don’t do that for me because they fail to reach my expectations…either not enough products to get rebates from, brands I never heard of or it takes forever to get cash back.

This app is called Fetch Rewards. What I love about it is that it’s “everyday” popular brands, such as Suave, Dove, Prego Sauce and Knorr’s Pasta and Rice. Each rebate is in the form of points. 500 points is worth $.50. 1000 points is $1, 1500 points is $1.50. Points for each product vary, starting at 500 points up to 3000 points!

Once you get up to 5,000 points, you can trade those points for gift cards! I have accumulated over 30,000 points so far. I redeemed 20,000 points for a gift card, which I gave as a birthday gift. So, I have 12,000 points left. I am saving my points for a bigger $ amount gift card for Christmas!

Another cool option to this app is that you still get points even if you didn’t buy anything on the app product list. It’s not much but 25 points for each receipt definitely helps!


This app is very easy to use. You hit SCAN and ensure your receipt is clear and legible to see. If your receipt is long, you can do sections. After you are finished, you hit SUBMIT and within 60 seconds, it will tell you A) if there’s eligible items from the product list, if so, it will posts the points. B) It will post “bonus points” , C) offer points even if there’s no eligible items and D) if it can’t see specific qualifications, it will tell you so you can correct it right away. Make sure you  are in an area that is well lit.

To rack up your points faster, share your referral code to get extra points.

For more information or to download, go HERE. Copy/paste code CW7XW  to get 1500 points when you submit your first receipt!