Local Business of the Week! Thirty One Gifts by Shel Pruitt

This week’s Local Business of the Week is Thirty One Gifts! The rep for this company is Shel Pruitt. She has been my go to person when I need personalized bags. In fact, this is where I got my coupon bag from! After couponing over 20 years, this is my third couponing bag from Thirty One! They last a long time and made of good quality.

Shel Pruitt, rep for Thirty One Gifts. (254) 350-0108

You can follow Shel’s updates on sales and newest arrivals of Thirty One products on Facebook HERE. Follow her on Instagram HERE.

Here’s the current catalog for you to check out HERE.

This is the front of my coupon bag.
This is the back of my coupon bag. I use these pockets to hold my scissors, calculator and my reusable bags (get $.05 back for each bag used at Target and PX.)

If you want to get FREE GIFTS and discounted items, let Shel give you a party. All you do is invite your friends and family and let Shel entertain them with contests and cool tips! THAT IS ALL! Contact Shel for more information: Shel Pruitt, (254) 350-0108

Shipping Information: We have flat rate shipping! Orders $100 or more before taxes is only $5 to ship! Orders $99 and under only $8. Customer Special: Every $50 you spend you can get 1 regular priced item 50% Off.

Deals of the Week! (1/26 – 2/1 2020)


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Free Groceries using Coupons and Rebate app!

There’s an app that I love using because it’s so easy to use and I get lots of points using it! It’s called FETCH Rewards!

There is a list of specific items that give extra points yet you STILL get points even if you don’t buy any from the list!

After taking pictures of all my reciepts using the Fetch app, I redeemed some of my points for a $10 Walmart giftcard.

I went to the store and got all this for free by using the giftcard! I still have $4.43 left to use!

1850 Iced Coffee was $2.28, used $1.50 off coupon from HERE. Paid $.78 each.

Finish dish tablets was $3.47, used $3 off manufacturer coupon, making it $.37.

Sara Lee Bread was $2.98, used $1 off coupon, $1.98. (Contacted the company for coupons.)

Ozarka Sparkling Water was free, used a coupon to get the pack for free. Go online to sign up for the coupon to receiev a free pack.

I redeemed points for a giftcard from Walmart!

Below: My points from Fetch

Fetch App: Get Paid for Buying what You Need!

One of the apps that I recently started to use has definitely won my heart over. A lot of apps don’t do that for me because they fail to reach my expectations…either not enough products to get rebates from, brands I never heard of or it takes forever to get cash back.

This app is called Fetch Rewards. What I love about it is that it’s “everyday” popular brands, such as Suave, Dove, Prego Sauce and Knorr’s Pasta and Rice. Each rebate is in the form of points. 500 points is worth $.50. 1000 points is $1, 1500 points is $1.50. Points for each product vary, starting at 500 points up to 3000 points!

Once you get up to 5,000 points, you can trade those points for gift cards! I have accumulated over 30,000 points so far. I redeemed 20,000 points for a gift card, which I gave as a birthday gift. So, I have 12,000 points left. I am saving my points for a bigger $ amount gift card for Christmas!

Another cool option to this app is that you still get points even if you didn’t buy anything on the app product list. It’s not much but 25 points for each receipt definitely helps!


This app is very easy to use. You hit SCAN and ensure your receipt is clear and legible to see. If your receipt is long, you can do sections. After you are finished, you hit SUBMIT and within 60 seconds, it will tell you A) if there’s eligible items from the product list, if so, it will posts the points. B) It will post “bonus points” , C) offer points even if there’s no eligible items and D) if it can’t see specific qualifications, it will tell you so you can correct it right away. Make sure you  are in an area that is well lit.

To rack up your points faster, share your referral code to get extra points.

For more information or to download, go HERE. Copy/paste code CW7XW  to get 1500 points when you submit your first receipt!