Soap Strips for Quick and Easy Hand & Body Washings

People are buying up liquid hand soaps but there seems to be lots of bars of soap on the shelves in stores. My family doctor told me that bars of soap work the BEST on your hands and body.

The one thing I don’t like about using soap bars is that gunky film left on them after using them. I’ve learned to shave pieces off a unused bar and use those shavings to wash up. One sliver disappears within the foamy hand washing.

What you need is a little container to store the shavings/silver of soap, a vegetable peeler and a bar of soap. I got a 3 pack of Coast soap for $1.65 from Dollar General. You can also buy soap packs at The Dollar Tree too. I had an old Cover Girl Compact, which I cleaned all the pressed powder out and used it to store the soap slivers. I also had a small tin lying around so I used that as well.
After peeling the soap the long way, I cut the sliver in half.
After I cut it up, I used my fingers to warm up the slivers of soap to flatten them into the containers. Boom! Ready to go! Perfect to stick in the purse and use on the go where there’s a sink!
If you want to use in the shower to wash the body, don’t cut the sliver in half, use 1 strip.
The best way to use these soap shavings is to pick one up with DRY HANDS FIRST then wet your hands with the soap. For effective cleaning, wash your hands for 30 seconds