Savealotmom’s Favorite Money Saving Phone Apps! Life Changer!

There are lots of phone rebate programs out there but the following apps are very popular and are my favorite!These are both rebates and coupon/store database programs that can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Even if you are not a couponer, this is another way to save money by getting cash or gift cards back for your purchases.


Favado: Good to find out what’s on sale in stores, where’s the best deal on the specific item(s) you are looking for. offers breakdowns and provides a coupon policy for quick reference. To start on Favado, go HERE.

When you get to that site, it will give you the option to download the app on your phone.

Downloading this app only takes a few minutes. After it downloads, you can select all the stores within a 100-mile radius for which you want to see sales.

This is not 100 percent accurate, since the sales fliers are regional and not all locations have the same sales. If you decide to drive a distance to shop, make sure you check on the store’s website to verify the sales are happening in the location you plan to visit.

Once you select all the stores you want sales for, you can view up to five stores at once for specific items.

Coupon Cabin & RetailMeNot: Both of these apps offer you a wide variety of coupons and discounts to your favorite stores and restaurants, online and in-store. If you are visiting a retail store or shopping online, you can type in the name of the store in one or both apps and they will tell you all the available coupons for that particular store.

CouponTom: This website tells you what inserts the coupons are in. It even tells you if they are on the printable websites. If you are on a couponing Facebook page and someone shares a deal but doesn’t tell you where the coupons came from, it gets annoying, especially when you do ask and they don’t tell you right away or not at all. Using CouponTom takes seconds to find those coupons!


Ibotta: A phone app rebate program which offers cash back on “everyday” items from select stores and restaurants. Just like a mail in rebate offer, this is done online and you get your cash within 12-24 hours! No more waiting 6-8 weeks for a check! Ibotta offers rebates on food, clothes, restaurants, movies, baby items…it’s endless! It doesn’t matter if you used coupons or got it for free, you are rewarded for using Ibotta!

Receipt Hog: A phone rebate app that takes picture of your grocery receipts and give you coins, based on how much you spend. In addition, once you exceed certain levels, you will also be able to play to win extra coins by playing slots! You can trade your coins for cash or Amazon gift cards.

You can trade the coins for Amazon gift cards or for cash! Amazon gift cards come handy especially during the holidays or if you need to buy a gift card for someone special. This comes VERY Handy for the holidays!

Go HERE to start getting cash!

Receipt Pal: A phone rebate app that takes picture of your grocery receipts and give you points, based on how much you spend. (this is similiar to Receipt Hog) They offer gift cards from Amazon, and other popular store names.

Fetch RewardsAll you do is scan the UPC bar code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt and you will get your cash! Use Code CW7XW to get 1500 points to start with!

After you download it, you select products that you are planning on buying within the week. After you make your purchases, just like Ibotta (see below), you scan the UPC code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt.

One of the perks about Fetch Rewards is that they offer a “group rebate”,  meaning if you buy a select company’s products, such as $5 back with a $20 purchase of Johnson & Johnson products, you can still enter a partial rebate. So if you spend $10 now, you can submit it and buy another $10 worth within the week. Remember these rebates have expiration dates so don’t procrastinate on getting the rest of your selected rebates. You have to buy $20 worth (before coupons) to get the $5 back.

Checkout 51: The Checkout51 phone app works just like Snap, Ibotta and Saving Star. All you do is select the item that you want to submit for rebate, take a picture of the receipt and scan the UPC code and you get paid within 24 hours!

DOSH: Get paid to eat, sleep and shop! For more information, go HERE.

Shopkicks: a phone app that offers gift cards without making a purchase!

All you do is walk in the specified stores to earn your kicks and scan bar codes off the selected items for more kicks. The more kick you get, the higher the value of gift cards you can earn!

If you do make a purchase in that store, you can link your debit/credit card to Shopkick and earn more points too!

I have earned so many gift cards without making a single purchase! On special occasions/special holidays, they offer high value kicks for walking in certain stores. Everyone in your household that has a smartphone can use this phone app and save the gift cards for a bigger purchase!

There are also special coupons that are offered through Shopkick to help you save more money!

For more information about Shopkick, go HERE.

Ebates: this website/app offers cash back on most of your online shopping.  Ebates offers you a rebate for every online purchase! So while you are staying home or at the office, you are not wasting time to heading to the store! That’s my kind of deal! Click HERE to find out  more about Ebates! This site will come very handy during Christmas! It is quite awesome to save money using promo codes online but it’s way cooler to get rebates for shopping online and save even more money!

Find&Save: Exactly a month of using this rebate app, I got over $30 CASH BACK! I shop alot of CVS, Walgreens and Aldi’s and now that hubby is retired, he spends his time and shops at Home Depot and Lowe’s!!! All of our receipts can be submitted and they ADD UP!!!

I already submitted receipts and I’m in love with the app! When you sign up, use code Q5Y9 to earn starting points!

All you do is pick a store, fulfill the minimum $ requirement, take a photo of the receipt(s) and within 3-5 business days, you will get paid!

There’s no specific item requirement so you can buy what you truly need. I like the idea of shopping in my favorite stores and getting paid for going! So, as painful it is to buy full priced items, this app helps and puts money back in your wallet over time.

For iPhones, go HERE. For Androids, go HERE. When you sign up, use code Q5Y9

For more information, go HERE. Or check out their Facebook page HERE to read their reviews!

Pay Your Selfie! Get paid to take selfies! If you take lots of selfies, this is the app for you! Click HERE for more information.

For more information, go HERE.