Safe Driving Apps that Offers Incentives.

I have three apps on my phone that offer incentives to drive safely while my phone is in my purse. One app is for Texas residents while the other two are for all drivers within the 50 states. Regardless of where you live, all these apps track how many miles your drive while going phone free, even if you drive out of state. You don’t need to open any of the apps but you need to ensure your locator is enabled to track your miles. All these apps are free to download. If you pick up the phone while driving, you will get alert that you may not get the mileages. These are NOT insurance apps so you don’t need to worry about your driving habits (hopefully they are good habits!).

Safe2Save is my absolute favorite. This is the Texas based app. I have truly benefited from free meals, unique discounts and even three season passes this summer! I have saved way over $500 so far from this app. No matter where you live or travel around in Texas, you will find lots of deals for the area you are in. Even though I love the deals for the Killeen area, I also enjoy the different deals for Austin and San Antonio, where my family visits a lot. For more information or to download this app, go HERE. Use code SAVEALOTMOM to get bonus miles! If you own a business and want to be part of the safe driving program and offer an incentive, you’ll be promoted in a great way! Click HERE for more details!

On My Way is another fabulous app that rewards you for driving without your phone. This app rewards you in CASH! This app is good for drivers that live within the 50 states. Even though it takes awhile to earn cash, refer your friends to earn more and you will also get part of their driving incentives. You don’t have to open the app. The app tracks your miles once you drive over 10 mph. For more information or to download the app, go HERE. To advertise with an offer incentive, go HERE.

Get Miles is a another app that offers special discounts and coupons. It’s still a rather new app so gift cards are slowly showing up. Again, you don’t need to open your app, it will start tracking your miles as soon as you start driving, commuting or biking. For more information or to download the app, go HERE.