Get PAID to Walk or Run! Yes, you read that right!


Did you know that you can earn points, without making purchases at Walgreens??  If you are walking, trying to lose weight or even trying to quit smoking, Walgreens rewards you for THAT!

Click HERE for all the details and to find out how to get started! You will be glad you did!

If you walk 5 miles a day, that’s 100 points! Do that for a week and that’s 700 points! Do it for 30 days and that’s 2100 points!!! That’s over $2 worth of points a month! For 365 days, you’ll have $25 worth of points! That just for walking! Connect your Fitbit/walking device and it will track it for you!

Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you check your blood pressure everyday? Monitor your blood sugar? Do you do other exercise? You get points for THAT too!!!

Can you imagine what other healthy rewards you can earn in addition to that?! Link several websites/app to ONE device and watch you make money while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Here are some apps/programs that offer incentives!

Achievemint You get cash to walk. This is a website that tracks your steps with your Fitbit or other step tracking devices.

Sweatcoin: a new app that pays you to get fit! This tracks step with your phone so if you always have it in your hand, back pocket, purse or on an arm or belt clip, this is perfect for you!

CharityMiles: Earn money for your local charity!

Gigwalk: Pick up “gigs” in your area. You can make anywhere between $3 up to $100!

There are tons but some are in the U.K and some in the U.S. have bad reviews they are not listed so I didn’t list them because it has little benefits to you.