DIY Wreath less than $2 to make!

I made a wreath out of coffee filters! You can get the foam circle and coffee filters from the Dollar Tree! You can use other shapes as well.

What you need to do this project is:

Foam circle, hot glue gun, coffee filters, markers, spray bottle with water, pins and aluminum foil (not pictured).

Grab 3-4 coffee filters at a time and use the markers to color on the top filter. I used the pie slice design to have intense colors on the filters when they get wet and soak through the layers of the filters. You can do swirls or other designs. The more colors you use, the colorful they are and the color from the top filter will soak thru the layers of coffee filters. You will need about 60 colored coffee filters to create a full wreath.

After you have colored the coffee filters, lay out aluminum foil (so water and colors doesn’t leak through the foil), flatten the colored filters and spray til it is fully soaked and the colors start to bleed together. Let air dry, preferably outside for a couple of hours. Repeat this till you have sprayed and air dried about 60 coffee filters.

After all the coffee filters are done, you are ready to start on your wreath. Plug in your glue gun! Fold one filter in half like a taco. As you hold the folded filter, use your other hand, using your fingers to make a circle around the fingers holding the filter. Bring your circled fingers up as your other hand holds the folded filter which will create a crinkled bunch of the filter

Add hot glue to the tip of the filter and carefully put it on the foam. After it is on the foam, pin it to keep it intact. Repeat this on the outside, inside and middle of the foam circle. Lay the wreath flat to add filters for easy application.

Keep adding colored filters till it’s completely covered. Use wrapping ribbon or clear fishing line to hang! You can hang it outside, away from the sun and elements or hang it inside above your fireplace!

If you want to add more elements to it, the Dollar Tree has feathered fake birds and flowers you can add to the wreath.

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