DIY Wall Art Collage

I created an artwork for my daughter’s bedroom. This artwork is very easy to do for the most part. The tricky part is spacing the canvas evenly between the other canvas and ribbons but you can use a ruler to have a preset even distance (I used a piece of ribbon and cardboard cylinder the ribbon was on).

You will need the following items to create this artwork or similiar to create the wall collage:

*Acrylic paint bottles (colors of your choice, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby), *10-20 canvas boards (at Dollar Tree), *Sponge brushes (at Dollar Tree), *1-5 colors of ribbons (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby), one dowel (Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby), hot glue gun and glue sticks (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby).

For all the supplies I needed to make this, I spent less than $25 at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Walmart
Lay out your canvas how you want it displayed on your wall. You will have the canvas touching each other for now. I used hot glue on the touching sides to keep the whole collage stick together while painting. Start painting! Any colors, any design!
After putting paint on the canvases, I used the sponge brushes to blend the colors.
If you have any live or fake plants, clip them and wipe them down with a moist cloth.
Take a piece of a leaf, paint it any color, preferably a brighter color. I used white to place against the dark painted colors on the canvas. Press paint down leaf on the canvas and press hard against the canvas. Lift the leaf up carefully. Repeat with different leaves and colors.
Let it dry for a couple of hours. Carefully break the hardened hot glue between each canvas. Spread out each canvas, giving equal spaces. It’s time to get the ribbon out!
Lay out the length of ribbon you need and enough to hang it on the dowel. Hot glue the end against the ribbon and let cool.
I used a piece of ribbon to measure spaces between ribbons and between each canvas. After everything is spaced evening, you can hot glue the back on the canvas to the ribbons.