DIY Safe & Effective Ant Killer Potion.

Do you want an effective ant killer potion that you can make yourself?
Usually after a heavy rainstorm, I find annoying s fire ant hills so I make an ant killer formula to use to get rid of the ant piles.
Get a clean 1 gallon jug, fill up water to the top part where the handles starts. Use Dawn Dish Detergent, pour about a half bottle of Dawn in the water jug. Screw the cap tight on the jug and tip the jug around ( don’t shake) to mix the liquids together.

Go outside and pour to soak each anthill. Then grab the garden hose and use the “jet” part of the sprayer to break up the ant tunnels. This will allow the formula to soak deeper in the ground. This will not harm the grass! Ants will disappear within 24-48 hours and you will be ant free for about 3-5 months.
Walgreens usually sells Dawn detergent is on sale for $.99. Get it on Saturday to recieve 15% military discount —> $.84. Since I’m using a half a bottle, I’m spending about $.42 per ant killer gallon! And it works!!! It is safe on grass, pets and children.