Deals of the Week (March 1-7th)

Birthday Freebies and Offers!

Happy Birthday to ME! I picked up my FREE birthday handcrafted drink from Starbucks and heading to HEB to find deals!
Here’s a list of the restaurants and stores offering birthday freebies and discounts that I have received so far:

Dollar Tree

I went to The Dollar Tree and got 4 Colgate toothpaste and Revlon Brow makeup for $2 using manufacturer coupons!
$1-$.50=$.50, bought 4, paid $2.
Revlon:$1-$3 (adjusted to $1)=FREE.
As per DT coupon policy, you can use 4 like manufacturer coupons per day per customer.
Also, when there’s a coupon valued higher than the product, the cashier will adjust the coupon value to a $1.
Please remember that employees have the right to accept and deny any coupons.
thedollartree #colgate #revlon

Dunkin Donuts

For the Dunkin’ Donut Lovers with the app!♡

Family Dollar

Get one of each item and get $5 off your purchase from Family Dollar! Don’t forget to clip the digital coupons before you check out!
The $5 off discount will be taken off once you get to $25 (after all coupons)
Gain detergent:$13.50-$1=$12.50
Homeline detergent:$9-$2=$7
ALL or Snuggle:$4.95-$2=$2.95
Arm & Hammer: $3.95-$1=$2.95
Total: $25.40, then the $5 will be taken off.
Final price:$20.40

Genghis Grill

Got my free bowl from Genghis Grill for my birthday!
Download the app to get points to earn special discounts and free birthday bowls!
Copy my code: Jennise5358, then click the link below to get all sorts of cool stuff – including a FREE Beverage just for downloading.

Golden Corral

Kids eat for $2.99 Monday thru Thursday after 4pm at Golden Corral!
Sign up for special offers at
goldencorral #kidsnight


Two jars of salsa for FREE at HEB!
HEB Salsa: $3, buy two=$6.
Use the $2 off Go Local basket coupon from the HEB app.
Use two $2 off HEB salsa coupon.

Pay $.94 each for Mariani Banana Chips when you buy two at HEB!
Coupon available as an instore yellow coupon next to the applicable products or as a digital coupon on your HEB app. Check your app to see if this coupon is available at your local store.
Get a $10 HEB giftcard when you buy an Instapot at HEB!
Found at the Trimmier Rd store.
I got $54 worth of stuff for about $15 from HEB! I physically paid $23.63 (before tax)
Check the photos for breakdowns.
I got $5 back in the form of a Catalina to use on a future purchase and $4 back from Ibotta.
heb #ilovemyheb
Two Pantene shampoo/conditioners at $4.97 each=$9.94
Crest toothpaste:$2.97
Total: $12.91. Use $4 off HEB basket coupon=$8.91. Use the $5/2 off Pantene and $2 off Crest manufacturer coupons. ($7 value)=$1.91
Two Pantene Stylers at $3.97 each=7.94
Venus Razors:$5.83.
Total: $13.77. Use $4 off HEB basket coupon=$9.77. Use two $2 off Pantene Styler coupon and $3 off Venus Razor coupon ($7 value). $9.77-$7=$2.77
Since I grabbed $26.68 (before tax and coupons) of P&G products, I got a $5 Catalina for a future purchase! I paid $4.68 total so to get $5 back in the form of store coupon, it’s like I got it for FREE!!
heb #pantene #crest #venusrazors #Ilovemyheb
Found a few quick sale items to use with HEB coupons!
Naturipe:$3.98-50%=$1.99-$1 coupon=$.99
Ready To Go Protein Snack: $2.49-25%=$1.87-$.50=$1.27.
The HEB coupons are available as an instore yellow coupon next to the applicable items and also as a digital coupon on the HEB app.
quicksale #heb #ilovemyheb

McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli has upgraded their Rewards program! Click below to reap the benefits. Use the code: Jenni39205 to get a free treat!
Go to to download new app!
I LOVE my McAlister’s app!
I got this all for FREE!
Redeemed points for FREE Pick Two (salad & sandwich)
*Redeemed for FREE Cookie for my birthday.
*Redeemed for FREE drink for upgrading the app.
McAlister’s Deli has upgraded their Rewards program! Click below to reap the benefits. Use the code: Jenni39205 to get a free drink!
Go to to download new app! This also applies to current McAlister’s app users too….upgrade now!

Olive Garden

We went to Olive Garden for dinner recently.
I was able to use three coupons:
*Leap Day $2.29 Take Home Entrees
*15% off for 4 entrees
*Free birthday dessert.
COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: If you have multiple coupons for the same restaurant, ask your server if you can use them all. Sometimes you can and sometimes, you can do separate checks to get the deals.

Regal Cinemas

Starting at $18 a month, you can watch as many movies you like and get 10% off concessions at Regal Cinemas!
#regalmovies #unlimited #movies #regal


Pay $.50 each for Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner from Walgreen’s.
Use the $4/2 manufacturer coupon (in 3/1 RetailMeNot insert) and $1 off store coupon inside the Walgreens Monthly Booklet*. Since you are buying two bottles, the store coupon will deduct $1 twice at the register.
2/$7-$4=$3-$2 (store cpn)=$1 for two or $.50 each.
If you don’t have the $4/2 manufacturer coupons, you can clip/use the $3/2 digital manufacturer coupon from the Walgreen’s app or website and pay $1 for each bottle.
2/$7-$3 digital=$4-$2 (store)=$2 for two or $1 each.
The Walgreen’s monthly booklet is found near the entrance of the store and online through the website & app. These are store coupons that are good all month long and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. You do not need to clip the store coupons. If you buy multiple items using the store coupons, the coupons will be applied to each item; usually 4 per transaction.
Sign up for get $5 worth of points at Walgreens! Go to
New emails only.
At Walgreens!
Military discount:$8.99-15%=$7.64 for three 12 packs!
Use the Walgreens app to scan and find the $.25 digital coupon for this deal!
Military discount:$.99-15%=$.84-$.25=$.59 final price.
walgreens #palmolive
Use the Walgreens app to scan items to pull up eligible digital coupons! Savings just got easier!


Great deal on plastic ware at Walmart! Check your nearest store for similiar sales!
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
walmart #clearance
Ceramic dinnerware on clearance at Walmart. Check your nearest store.
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
If you saw my post by few weeks ago, to sign up for coupons for free products, you should be getting them now.
I got mine last night and I was able to get three products for free today.
Then go on Ibotta and get $10 cashback from EACH! I made $30 easily! I gave alot of the coupons to the employees that were patient, kind and allowing me to get three of them.
If you got the coupons but don’t have Ibotta, sign up here: use code “obwg” at registration.
Get FREE BANANAS from app!
Buy up to $1.50 worth of bananas and submit your reciept to get cash back on what you paid.
Download the app and start saving!
bananas #freebananas #walmart
Women’s Leopard shoes and kids’ sneakers on clearance at Walmart! Check your nearest store.
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
Pay $2.05 after clearance price and $1.30 Ibotta offer for Udi’s Gluten Free Mug Cakes from Walmart! Found at the Stan Schulueter/Bunny Trail store.
For Ibotta: Use code “obwg” at registration. Sign up at →
FREE Tampax and Always products from Ibotta at Walmart!
If you have the March edition of the P&G inserts, you can use the $1 off manufacturer coupons for each product.
Tampax:$3.97-$1 coupon=$2.97, then redeem for $3 cashback from Ibotta
Always:$3.97-$1=$2.97-$3 cashback=FREE
Use code “obwg” at registration. Sign up at →
Check your clearance section at your nearest Walmart! I found LOTS of goodies at the Lowe’s Blvd store. Near the Garden Center!
walmart #walmartclearance #clearance #lowesblvdwalmart
How much is milk and eggs at your local Walmart!
Photos taken at the Harker Heights, TX store (Heights Dr.)