Dinner for 4 people under $10! Scallop Potatoes Casserole

I am always searching for great deals on home cooked meals, stretching the dollar and maximizing the amount of entrees in an household. If you love potatoes, ham and cheese, you will love this recipe! If you don’t want ham in it, you can use cooked chicken or pork instead or as a vegetarian dish.

I recently made a great meal for my family and it was soooo yummy. It was quite easy to make. It’s about 10 minutes of prepping and an hour to cook. You will need the following to make it work. A lot of the ingredients requires little amounts so won’t have to worry about running to the store:

Potatoes: 5 cups, thinly sliced (get a 5 pounds bag for around $3.50. You’ll need to peel and cut about half of the potatoes in the bag so about $1.75 worth used.)

Cheddar Cheese: 2 cups of mild or sharp cheese. I found an Ibotta offer for the Kraft cheese. You’ll also use about 1/2 cup to sprinkle on top right before the baking time ends. You can use more or less based on personal taste.

Butter: half a stick of butter

Milk: 2 cups of whole or 2% milk

Flour: 4 tablespoons

Ham: You can buy a ham steak, slice it up or cube it and put inside the casserole or cook separately, I used a pieces and slice pack to have some inside (for me) and on the side (for the rest of the family). The pack I bought was over $4.

Salt and pepper to taste


Peel and slice your potatoes, preferably thin. Warm up pan with low medium heat, melt butter. After it is melted, add flour and use a whisk to mix well. Add milk and whisk well until thickened and has a little boil to it. Add 2 cups of cheese and mix.

In a greased casserole dish, layer half of the sliced potatoes. You can add meat on top of the potatoes, if you prefer. Add some of the cheesy mixture on top of the first layer. Then add the remaining sliced potatoes on top, more meat then the rest of the mixture.

Put covered casserole dish in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. After the first 30 minutes in the oven, remove the cover of the casserole dish. Within the last 5 minutes, sprinkle about 1/2 cup of shredded cheese on top.

My potato slices were actually thick and I cooked the ham in a separate pan. I did add some ham inside the casserole for me and I really enjoyed the flavors that coincided nicely.
With green beans, this meal was complete!

Deals of the Week (March 1-7th)

Birthday Freebies and Offers!

Happy Birthday to ME! I picked up my FREE birthday handcrafted drink from Starbucks and heading to HEB to find deals!
Here’s a list of the restaurants and stores offering birthday freebies and discounts that I have received so far:

Dollar Tree

I went to The Dollar Tree and got 4 Colgate toothpaste and Revlon Brow makeup for $2 using manufacturer coupons!
$1-$.50=$.50, bought 4, paid $2.
Revlon:$1-$3 (adjusted to $1)=FREE.
As per DT coupon policy, you can use 4 like manufacturer coupons per day per customer.
Also, when there’s a coupon valued higher than the product, the cashier will adjust the coupon value to a $1.
Please remember that employees have the right to accept and deny any coupons.
thedollartree #colgate #revlon

Dunkin Donuts

For the Dunkin’ Donut Lovers with the app!♡

Family Dollar

Get one of each item and get $5 off your purchase from Family Dollar! Don’t forget to clip the digital coupons before you check out!
The $5 off discount will be taken off once you get to $25 (after all coupons)
Gain detergent:$13.50-$1=$12.50
Homeline detergent:$9-$2=$7
ALL or Snuggle:$4.95-$2=$2.95
Arm & Hammer: $3.95-$1=$2.95
Total: $25.40, then the $5 will be taken off.
Final price:$20.40

Genghis Grill

Got my free bowl from Genghis Grill for my birthday!
Download the app to get points to earn special discounts and free birthday bowls!
Copy my code: Jennise5358, then click the link below to get all sorts of cool stuff – including a FREE Beverage just for downloading. https://engagement.punchh.com/b/genghisgrill

Golden Corral

Kids eat for $2.99 Monday thru Thursday after 4pm at Golden Corral!
Sign up for special offers at www.goldencorral.com
goldencorral #kidsnight


Two jars of salsa for FREE at HEB!
HEB Salsa: $3, buy two=$6.
Use the $2 off Go Local basket coupon from the HEB app.
Use two $2 off HEB salsa coupon.

Pay $.94 each for Mariani Banana Chips when you buy two at HEB!
Coupon available as an instore yellow coupon next to the applicable products or as a digital coupon on your HEB app. Check your app to see if this coupon is available at your local store.
Get a $10 HEB giftcard when you buy an Instapot at HEB!
Found at the Trimmier Rd store.
I got $54 worth of stuff for about $15 from HEB! I physically paid $23.63 (before tax)
Check the photos for breakdowns.
I got $5 back in the form of a Catalina to use on a future purchase and $4 back from Ibotta.
heb #ilovemyheb
Two Pantene shampoo/conditioners at $4.97 each=$9.94
Crest toothpaste:$2.97
Total: $12.91. Use $4 off HEB basket coupon=$8.91. Use the $5/2 off Pantene and $2 off Crest manufacturer coupons. ($7 value)=$1.91
Two Pantene Stylers at $3.97 each=7.94
Venus Razors:$5.83.
Total: $13.77. Use $4 off HEB basket coupon=$9.77. Use two $2 off Pantene Styler coupon and $3 off Venus Razor coupon ($7 value). $9.77-$7=$2.77
Since I grabbed $26.68 (before tax and coupons) of P&G products, I got a $5 Catalina for a future purchase! I paid $4.68 total so to get $5 back in the form of store coupon, it’s like I got it for FREE!!
heb #pantene #crest #venusrazors #Ilovemyheb
Found a few quick sale items to use with HEB coupons!
Naturipe:$3.98-50%=$1.99-$1 coupon=$.99
Ready To Go Protein Snack: $2.49-25%=$1.87-$.50=$1.27.
The HEB coupons are available as an instore yellow coupon next to the applicable items and also as a digital coupon on the HEB app.
quicksale #heb #ilovemyheb

McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli has upgraded their Rewards program! Click below to reap the benefits. Use the code: Jenni39205 to get a free treat!
Go to www.mcalistersdeli.com to download new app!
I LOVE my McAlister’s app!
I got this all for FREE!
Redeemed points for FREE Pick Two (salad & sandwich)
*Redeemed for FREE Cookie for my birthday.
*Redeemed for FREE drink for upgrading the app.
McAlister’s Deli has upgraded their Rewards program! Click below to reap the benefits. Use the code: Jenni39205 to get a free drink!
Go to www.mcalistersdeli.com to download new app! This also applies to current McAlister’s app users too….upgrade now!

Olive Garden

We went to Olive Garden for dinner recently.
I was able to use three coupons:
*Leap Day $2.29 Take Home Entrees
*15% off for 4 entrees
*Free birthday dessert.
COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: If you have multiple coupons for the same restaurant, ask your server if you can use them all. Sometimes you can and sometimes, you can do separate checks to get the deals.

Regal Cinemas

Starting at $18 a month, you can watch as many movies you like and get 10% off concessions at Regal Cinemas!
#regalmovies #unlimited #movies #regal


Pay $.50 each for Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner from Walgreen’s.
Use the $4/2 manufacturer coupon (in 3/1 RetailMeNot insert) and $1 off store coupon inside the Walgreens Monthly Booklet*. Since you are buying two bottles, the store coupon will deduct $1 twice at the register.
2/$7-$4=$3-$2 (store cpn)=$1 for two or $.50 each.
If you don’t have the $4/2 manufacturer coupons, you can clip/use the $3/2 digital manufacturer coupon from the Walgreen’s app or website and pay $1 for each bottle.
2/$7-$3 digital=$4-$2 (store)=$2 for two or $1 each.
The Walgreen’s monthly booklet is found near the entrance of the store and online through the website & app. These are store coupons that are good all month long and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. You do not need to clip the store coupons. If you buy multiple items using the store coupons, the coupons will be applied to each item; usually 4 per transaction.
Sign up for get $5 worth of points at Walgreens! Go to www.walgreens.com/email
New emails only.
At Walgreens!
Military discount:$8.99-15%=$7.64 for three 12 packs!
Use the Walgreens app to scan and find the $.25 digital coupon for this deal!
Military discount:$.99-15%=$.84-$.25=$.59 final price.
walgreens #palmolive
Use the Walgreens app to scan items to pull up eligible digital coupons! Savings just got easier!


Great deal on plastic ware at Walmart! Check your nearest store for similiar sales!
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
walmart #clearance
Ceramic dinnerware on clearance at Walmart. Check your nearest store.
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
If you saw my post by https://www.socialnature.com/ few weeks ago, to sign up for coupons for free products, you should be getting them now.
I got mine last night and I was able to get three products for free today.
Then go on Ibotta and get $10 cashback from EACH! I made $30 easily! I gave alot of the coupons to the employees that were patient, kind and allowing me to get three of them.
If you got the coupons but don’t have Ibotta, sign up here: use code “obwg” at registration. https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64
Get FREE BANANAS from Coupons.com app!
Buy up to $1.50 worth of bananas and submit your reciept to get cash back on what you paid.
Download the app and start saving!
bananas #freebananas #walmart
Women’s Leopard shoes and kids’ sneakers on clearance at Walmart! Check your nearest store.
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
Pay $2.05 after clearance price and $1.30 Ibotta offer for Udi’s Gluten Free Mug Cakes from Walmart! Found at the Stan Schulueter/Bunny Trail store.
For Ibotta: Use code “obwg” at registration. Sign up at → https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64
FREE Tampax and Always products from Ibotta at Walmart!
If you have the March edition of the P&G inserts, you can use the $1 off manufacturer coupons for each product.
Tampax:$3.97-$1 coupon=$2.97, then redeem for $3 cashback from Ibotta
Always:$3.97-$1=$2.97-$3 cashback=FREE
Use code “obwg” at registration. Sign up at → https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64
Check your clearance section at your nearest Walmart! I found LOTS of goodies at the Lowe’s Blvd store. Near the Garden Center!
walmart #walmartclearance #clearance #lowesblvdwalmart
How much is milk and eggs at your local Walmart!
Photos taken at the Harker Heights, TX store (Heights Dr.)

Yummy Banana Bread Recipe!

If you find a great deal on bananas, here’s a yummy and moist recipe you can try!

2 1/2 cups of mashed bananas

2 eggs

1/2 cup of room temp butter

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup brown sugar

Mix altogether

Add 2 cups of flour and mix.

Put in square baking dish or rectangle dish pan and bake 350 for 3-40 minutes til top is brown or when you put a toothpick in and out and it’s clean. Baking times vary so keep an eye on it.


Homemade Mints Treats! Cost: $3 for Six Dozen! Great to give as gifts!

I made these cream cheese mints! They are delish! Great for parties and as gifts!
I got the blocks of HEB cream cheese for $.50 each. It cost me about $3 to make 6 dozen!
Recipe HERE
1 block of cream cheese, 2lb bag of powdered sugar, 1/4 soft butter, 1-2 tsp mint extract. Put 1/2 cup of powder sugar aside to coat the candies when rolling them. Separate fully mixed ingredients into different bowls and add each favorite color desired.
For Keto: use Swerve confectionery powder/Stevia.


Simple, healthy and CHEAP Meal! Keto Friendly and under $7 for meal for 3!

I used a Keto recipe to make this dish but added my own variation to it. Click HERE for the recipe I used as a guide.

I also used gluten free pasta that I got from HEB. I paid $2.49 for the zucchini/squash (after quick sale discount.), $3.23 for the beef and $.77 for gluten free pasta. Paid less than $7 for a meal for three people! This is really good!

Get Paid to Shop for Things You Need! Popular Cash Back Apps!

*UPDATED LIST as of July 14,


I have tried lots of apps and they come and go or they don’t give out a lot of incentives. These apps I have now are tried & true and been used for years so they will not disappoint you.

These apps are also perfect for those folks that don’t have time to coupon yet they want the benefit of savings by getting paid.

A lot of these apps require you to do the rebates within 1 to 2 weeks after purchase so make a weekly habit of doing this process.

How to stay on track  and get PAID using these apps:

1)keep all your receipts in a pile each week.

2)Pick a day to spend about 10 mins to take photos/scan receipts and products. I do them on Sundays. If you reconcile your checking/savings account on a particular day, do this altogether on the same day. OR redeem your receipts as you get them and mark them with a letter that each app name starts with.

REBATE PROGRAM APPS – Give Cash Back to you!


**These apps pay you for specific items:**

1)  Ibotta: A phone app rebate program which offers cash back on “everyday” items from select stores and restaurants. Just like a mail in rebate offer, this is done online and you get your cash within 12-24 hours! No more waiting 6-8 weeks for a check! Ibotta offers rebates on food, clothes, restaurants, movies, baby items…it’s endless! It doesn’t matter if you used coupons or got it for free, you are rewarded for using Ibotta! Go HERE to get started! You’ll get $10 bonus when you redeem your first offer!

2) Checkout 51:  All you do is select the item that you want to submit for rebate, take a picture of the receipt and scan the UPC code and you get paid within 24 hours! Go HERE to get started! Get $2 cash back when you redeem your first offer, then an $1 extra back for the next three redemptions for a total of $5 bonus cash!

3)  Fetch Rewards: All you do is scan the UPC bar code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt and you will get your cash! Use Code CW7XW to get 1500 points to start with! Go HERE to get started.
After you download it, you select products that you are planning on buying within the week. After you make your purchases, you scan the UPC code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt. EVEN IF YOU DON’T BUY THE SPECIFIED PRODUCTS, STILL TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR RECIEPTS, YOU GET POINTS!

**The apps below pay you for receipts, not specific products so those restaurants, clothing and miscellaneous receipts qualify for these apps.**

  1) Receipt Hog: A phone rebate app that takes picture of your grocery receipts and give you coins, based on how much you spend. In addition, once you exceed certain levels, you will also be able to play to win extra coins by playing slots! You can trade your coins for cash or Amazon gift cards. Go HERE to get started.
You can trade the coins for Amazon gift cards or for cash! Amazon gift cards come handy especially during the holidays or if you need to buy a gift card for someone special.

2) Receipt Jar: Another app that pays you when you take photos of your receipts. You get coins based on how much you spend. Use code JENNVXYJ3 to get 200 points. Click HERE to get started.

3) CoinOut: This app pays you random cash amounts for each receipt, regardless of how much you spend. Go HERE to get started.

4) Shopkicks: a phone app that offers gift cards without making a purchase!
All you do is walk in the specified stores to earn your kicks and scan bar codes off the selected items for more kicks. The more kick you get, the higher the value of gift cards you can earn!
If you plan to make a purchase in that store, you can link your debit/credit card to Shopkick before you buy and earn more points too!
I have earned so many gift cards without making a single purchase! On special occasions/special holidays, they offer high value kicks for walking in certain stores. **Everyone in your household that has a smartphone can use this phone app and save the gift cards for a bigger purchase!** For more information about Shopkick, go HERE.

5) Rakuten: this website/app offers cash back on most of your online shopping. Rakuten offers you a rebate for every online purchase! So while you are staying home or at the office, you are not wasting time to heading to the store! That’s my kind of deal! Click HERE to find out more about Rakuten! **New members get a $10 giftcard of their choice when they sign up and spend $25 or more on their first purchase!** This site will come very handy during Back To School and Christmas! It is quite awesome to save money using promo codes online but it’s way cooler to get cash back rebates for shopping online!

**Other Apps that pay you:*

1) Safe2Save: This app promotes safe driving! You get points based on how many mileage you drive or ride. You can trade these points for free or discounted food, drink, venue and special items! Before you or the driver puts the vehicle in drive, open the app and watch your points go up as you go! Go HERE and put in code SAVEALOTMOM.

2) Miles Rewards: Pays you for the mileage you drive. You can trade your points for special offers and giveaways. You’ll earn 2000 points for signing up! Sign up HERE.

3) Sweatcoin pays you to walk and run. It counts the steps you do! Trade the coins for free items! Sign HERE

COUPON & STORE SAVINGS/RESOURCE DATABASE PROGRAMS: These apps that I use are a quick resource to find coupons and seek breakdowns on certain items – they are not rebate apps but they help me save time and money.
Flipp App: Good to find out what’s on sale in stores, where’s the best deal on the specific item(s) you are looking for. offers breakdowns and provides a coupon policy for quick reference. To start on Flipp, go HERE. After it downloads, you can select all the stores within a 100-mile radius for which you want to see sales.
This is not 100 percent accurate since the sales fliers are regional and not all locations have the same sales.
Once you select all the stores you want sales for, you can view up to five stores at once for specific items. For instance, if you want a deal on diapers, type in “DIAPER” in the search spot and it will pull up all the stores within a 60 mile radius that have deals on diapers (all brands). If you want a specific brand of diapers, type in the brand and any sales for that brand will show up on the database.
Coupon Cabin/RetailMeNot: Both of these apps offer you a wide variety of coupons and discounts to your favorite stores and restaurants, online and in-store. If you are visiting a retail store or shopping online, you can type in the name of the store in one or both apps and they will tell you all the available coupons for that particular store.
CouponTom: This website tells you what inserts the coupons are in. It even tells you if they are on the printable websites and it will direct you to print them too. I use this app alot since I keep my inserts whole. I save hours by not clipping all the coupons. Did you know on average, you only use about 25% of all the coupons in an insert!?! Why waste that time? Clip as needed.

Great things about Production Planning

Our free propositions will assist you to receive through any type of documents. Within this approach, each essay was compared against 40 documents from prior years which was rated by three unique graders. You’ve been delegated to compose an article about technology making life simpler and although you understand the part of engineering in our regular lifestyles, you’re yet to create an excellent theme. Nobody can refuse the advantages of technology. Certainly, not everybody is convinced of the advantages of technology. Consequently, while creating, you’ll locate the advantages and downfalls of engineering. A pupil needs to observe the topic isn’t self explanatory. Pupils must be alert to this before composing the assignment.

The bedding may also heat up, eliminating off the worms, when this occurs.

If that’s the circumstance the pupil ought to know the software criteria, as well as the language. Technologies additionally functions an effect on culture and the milieu in various manners. Over the past decade, it became an important component of many teenagers’ lives. In summary, it performs a crucial part in the change of relationships. A kind of engineering is just going to be beneficial till its progress is created. So it causes communication difficulties and health problems and and yes it lets an individual lose their ability to create correctly they utilize the shorten phrases instead of the complete phrase. It’s making communication easier today, but at the cost of personal contact as many people choose to function at home before a computer display. It is getting a bigger part of our lives daily.

Try butter, olive oil, avocado.

If it’s utilized in a proper way, it is sometimes a priceless experience for future professions. It’s made a huge effect on folks’s everyday lives. Folks seem in to each of the new technology they’re purchasing rather than looking into textbooks or their own thoughts. If you’re not outside, keeping off, technology may lead to indifference. Engineering has a big effect on nurturing. However IT it has grown to a quite high amount, creating sometimes negative consequences on population. It has become a part of our lives. Even though Best Editing online it’s grown to be a important aspect of society in our daily activities, adolescents have to be conscious of the results if it’s excessively used.

We specialize in loans for individuals even if they have not so excellent credit or have bad.

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Just how to Publish a Report for College

Be sincere and be sure your essay is meaningful. First, it must be persuasive. Any essay having plagiarism must be re-done. It’s about to think of a thesis, theme, point or issue that should be shown. Using an especial way of authorship and the proper phrases, you can generate your article mo Re intriguing without including fake particulars. There are though ideas to stay to which will help you create a leading article. All of your essay full of big words will cause you to come across as trying too difficult. In schools, essays serve as an easy method of assessing the operation of pupils during final examinations. The Entrance Essay The entrance essay is among the many significant piece of your program procedure College composition writing isn’t a easy undertaking to the majority of students because of the writing skills required.

Your friends that are close will find your memoir charming.

The author is also forecast to perform an extensive research on the topic question of the school essays. The writers should have professionalism that’s of high amount. Educational composing a part of your syllabus which has to be taken significant. Pay focus on remarkable individuals who have studied at the exact same university or completed exactly the exact same program. Various universities frequently have really various entrance conditions, which is why personal statement examples for numerous colleges may be fairly so diverse. Occasionally, schools will give you a listing of a few topics that you are able to pick. This way, when you pick a major, you may be in a position to keep on studying at paper papers that faculty, without having to encounter the procedure for changing schools. Maybe you are eligible for a fantastic school, but it makes sense to have great GPA and entrance appear at scores.

If all else fails, and you get still without a copy of the agreement, retain legal counsel.

Selecting the most suitable college can be an overwhelming procedure specially if you’re not certain where to get started. Additionally take into account that numerous universities have finance departments that provides sound advice on managing student lifestyle at the center of the recession. A good deal of pupils have the inclination compose words solely for the curiosity of it. Hence it is recommended for all pupils to re Search in an effort to acknowledge the most suitable businesses to buy school documents from. Later, some pupils realize that their levels begin to fall, that may slowly help it become hard for them to find jobs when they graduate, should they graduate in any way When they may be required to create a college essay, they more often than not spend a lot of time trying to find school article examples in an effort to discover how you can create school essays. They compose lots of essays on numerous subjects. In these challenging circumstances, they get stressed when they may barely get college composition aid. The other approach is by method of teaching student on how to prevent plagiarism.

Steps to Make a Bokeh

What exactly is notably of use in this type of article is that you’re competent to receive a really first individual view on a subject, whether this is around someone’s life or some thing they are a specialist at. Auto Biography documents aren’t based on any celebrated styles. Writing this kind of composition is not a simple occupation. Commonly, reflective documents behave as an assessment system, for both, pupils, and the instructors, and on occasion also the administration. Writing an essential essay may turn into an arduous and time consuming undertaking. Your satirical composition will make additional brownie points with a suitable name. A satirical article on such issue may be decent method to generate consciousness that we require to guard our planet for the future generations.

Your website features easy pricing framework and a basic interface.

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You’ll need publishing that gets to the meat and potatoes of one’s concept.

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Laser hair treatment is really a painless method.

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How exactly to Write Your Personal Will

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You can also place one on one or the top around the base.

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Advertisement steps check in case your office features a proforma.

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These reports can’t by only reading two articles or one or text-books be completed.

In the big event the responses to all 3 questions are yes, there isn’t any mode you may fail.” No one should drive one to truly perform. Do not allow the naysayers in to your own existence. Really, you’re looking forward to a fantastic chance to perform. They’re aimed to contemplate the positive aspect of existence. Start your private trip to success today by merely composing your motto. Creating a book is similar to driving an automobile through the night. I am writing books since I have discovered something I actually enjoy since I attempted it. I’d slumber and I’d have a desire, along with in the dream I Had learn where to really move within the authorship.

Since they are the hottest craze this year furthermore, you could add a little metallic shades.

That essays to obtain a group. You’ll truly believe every phrase you’ve composed. Make them your own motivational mantras. Include optimistic words to your own vocabulary. Quite simply, such pupils training self – motive. Don’t require rest till you attain your intentions. Pursuing your arduous work, achievement probably will come. There are several different procedures inspiration contributes to success. In a really actual feeling, motive is just about the most crucial key to achievement.

Narrative documents usually are an account kind.

Folks are able to share common targets and passions amongst others. All productive individuals have a aim. Damaging inspiration isn’t a method that might stimulate any group of folks for a quite long time. Self determination running a business is essential because we’ve frequently prevented a certain endeavor.