Start 2021’s Savings (and Budgeting) on a Great Start!

If you want to start learning to coupon and having a nice chunk of change towards the end of 2021, then you gotta read this! This article will save you LOTS of TIME and MONEY!

Below is a plan of action to help you get started now. Some of it will blow your mind to how easy it is. The hardest part is staying on track but the rewards is much greater at the end! Are you ready??

#1 Coupons from the newspapers: You can find newspapers at your local gas stations, convenient stores, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.  It’s best to get up super early, especially when the newspaper street vendors are out right around sunrise Sunday mornings. Contact your local newspaper company to find out where there vendors are located.  Please tip your vendors, especially if they save the discounted papers for you. For my local savers, the Killeen Daily Herald carries RetailMeNot (RMN) and the monthly P&Gs. Austin and Dallas newspapers carry all three: Smartsource (SS), RMN and the P&Gs. For those that live in other cities and states, contact your local newspaper companies on what inserts they carry.                                                                                                                             For the Killeen and surrounding areas, there are local publications that are FREE to the general public which carry the RMN and the P&Gs and will be available based on the coupon insert schedule. These coupon inserts come out before Sunday so you can use them before the actual issued date: Fort Hood Herald newspapers come out every Wednesday, Cove & Heights Herald and Harker Heights Evening Star comes out on Fridays. These will be inside newspaper stands at gas stations, grocery stores, libraries and some food establishments. You can call the Killeen Daily Herald to find locations nearest you at (254) 501-7499.  These inserts vary each week so it’s important to follow the 2021 insert schedule HERE.

#2  Create a budget! Before you start going crazy on couponing, it’s important to create a game plan on how much money you want to spend and save each week or month. In the past, I was the type to fly out the door when I found a great deal but after all the time, gas and money I was spending, I realized that I was saving money on items but I wasn’t saving money to keep in my account. Think of budgeting as a diet. The journey and the outcome is the best part because you will see results here and there but sticking to it is tough! Be realistic yet achievable! To start, take 10% of your net income (look at your last 3 months to find a ball park amount) as your monthly budget and see how much you can buy with it. The key is to buy what you truly need and not deviate from it. For me, I opened a debit card strictly for couponing and I can transfer money to the account. I use the Cash App. Cash App is an account that sends you a debit card. You can use the debit card to make online & instore purchases and also pay other Cash App users. There’s also a “boost” button, which offers discounts on your applicable purchases. Downloading the app and opening an account is free and super easy to set up. Go HERE to earn $5 for setting up the app. Let’s say I put in $100 for the month of January in my app. At the end of the month, I have $30 left. I’ll transfer it to my husband’s Cash App, which he doesn’t touch and that will be our emergency funds. On February 1st, I’ll add $100 and start the month with that. After that month ends, whatever I have left will be transferred into the other Cash App. This system is to help you get started while you use other forms of payments to buy food/necessities but you can put any amount in and use this strictly for groceries or for personal care or household items….however you want to start. The key point is to have some savings left!

#3 Coupon Organization: DO.NOT.CLIP.YOUR.COUPONS! Did you know you only use an average of 30% of the coupons from inserts?? So, why would you spend hours clipping coupons, organizing them and putting them in binders? KEEP WHOLE INSERTS! Use folders with side pockets, attach to a three ring binder, and date them by issuance date on a removable label. If you are looking for a particular coupon, use the Coupon Tom Database to find out when that coupon came out, go to the folder with that date, pull out inserts and look for the coupon and cut out as needed. BOOM! Just saved you a couple of hours.

#4 Where to begin: Pick a store that you want to shop at. Visit their website and review the coupon policy and any rewards program they may have. Download the app and get acquainted with it. Most retail apps have digital coupons that you can clip and redeem at check out. Join Facebook groups that share deals from that company. For example. if you want to start saving money at Walgreen’s, go under the spyglass on Facebook and type in “Walgreen’s Couponing” and there will be several pages of that store relating to deals you can mimic. A lot of couponers post breakdowns to help. Also, go to YouTube for videos. A word of caution: avoid FB groups that have the word “glitter”, “sparkle” or “unicorn” as their name of the group or in the description. These groups promote coupon fraud and there’s a lot of liability in this method so please don’t do it. It’s not worth it! It’s best to follow the fine print of the coupons and the stores’ coupon policies and ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS! If you don’t think people get arrested for using the wrong coupons on products (called glittering and balancing) and using counterfeit coupons, go HERE to check out the latest arrests of couponers that try to cheat the system. There’s also an organization called Coupon Information Center that works with retail stores and law enforcement to catch shady couponers. You can review the list of counterfeit coupons HERE, check out latest details of investigations HERE and a review couponing etiquettes HERE. Cashiers have been known to lose their jobs and the coupon policies have become much stricter to alleviate loss of money from coupon abuse. Stores do not receive reimbursements from coupons that are used on the wrong items.

#5 Save money without actually shopping in stores! While I stay home a lot during the pandemic, I save lots of money utilizing stores’ online services such as Walmart Grocery Pickup, Dollar General pickup and Walgreen’s curbside pickup. A lot of stores are going digital these days and paper coupon inserts are getting thinner and thinner so it’s important to learn to navigate the apps of your favorite stores. With Walmart, I save money using Ibotta and app to get cash back. At Walgreen’s and Dollar General, I am able to use the store and manufacturer’s digital coupons. I really love Walgreen’s because I can use store and manufacturer digital coupons and an online discount code to save more money through their app and pick them up when I get notification that it is ready to pick up. Even though the manufacturer coupons are one time use, sometimes there are duplicate coupons with different expiration dates and the store coupons (digital or paper form) can be reused all month long! To SAVE MORE MONEY, use Rakuten to get paid for your online purchases! New members get a cash bonus when they sign up and spend $20 online. This includes online orders for curbside pickup! Even though the % of the total purchase may be low, the money you get accumulates every 6 months and you get paid. Rakuten often has random offers with a high % so it does help!

#6 Utilize Digital Apps that PAY you cash back. Think rebates…instead of filling out a form, cutting out the barcode, mailing it in and waiting 6 weeks for a check – you’ll get paid via Paypal within 24 hours. Click HERE to see the list of free apps that give you cash back on items you normally buy.

#7 Stockpile Growing? Rotate your pile. When you start stocking up, date your items so you can rotate by date, using the older items first. I generally do this with personal care items such as shampoo/conditioners, body wash, laundry detergent; pretty much anything liquid or gel. This is very important to do if you keep your stockpile in the garage and bathrooms, where temperatures fluctuate often. I put month/year near the barcode of the items and do this right after a couponing trip.

I hope these steps become beneficial for you and your family. Use these steps to create your own methods that will work for you. If you have any questions, you can send me a message at or send me a message through Facebook at Happy Savings, y’all!

Deals of the Week (2/2-2/8)

Dollar General

$.75 Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme from Dollar General after $2 off Nivea Body Lotion or Creme product printable manufacturer coupon.
Print here–>
dollargeneral #nivea

Family Dollar

Print the $1 off two Clorox Wipes manufacturer coupons and use at Family Dollar!
Pay $4 for two after sale price and coupon!
Print here–>
familydollar #cloroxwipes


I love this deal! Ibotta keeps resetting these rebates for me and now HEB has a digital coupon (on their HEB app) to get 4 for $2.50!I’m going to get 4 bottles of Jarritos, 2 bottles of Sidral Mundet and 2 bottles of Sangrias, pay $5 total then redeem for $2 cashback from Ibotta. It’s like paying $3! Thank you HEB and Ibotta! Regular retail for 8 bottles is $6.24! 50% savings!
For Ibotta–>
Love this $2 off Aquaphor, Eucercin and Nivea HEB coupon!
heb #nivea #aquaphor #eucercin
Check out the travel/trial size aisle at your local HEB!
Found at the Trimmier Rd. location.
Me love Revlon longtime!
Found at the HEB on Trimmier Rd. store.
HEB Meal Deal of the Week!
heb #mealdeal
Pay $.50 each for Knorr’s Ready to Heat Rice from HEB after sale price, $ 50 off coupon and $.50 Ibotta cashback offer! The $.50 off coupons are in a blinkie machine next to the products at HEB on Trimmier!
#heb #knorrs

Reliant Energy

If you are looking for an energy company that offers several plans on your budget and great customer service, check it out HERE. I have been with Reliant for over 8 years and I’m very pleased with them! Recently, my current plan was expiring so I went to and looked at companies. Alot of them I’ve never heard of. When I researched each company’s reviews, I saw that there was terrible customer service and unexpected high charges. Nope, not dealing with that! So I went back to Reliant Engery website and reviewed their plans. After finding one online, I called them and found a better offer! They were awesome!! Use the link HERE to review plans and sign up. You’ll get $50 off your first bill too ( I will also get $50 off my bill too!) If you call them, give them the code JEKE5XK to get the $50 credit!

Safe2Save/Which Wich

Get a 7″ sub for your birthday when you sign up for Which Wich e club!
If you have the Safe2Save app, you can get more free goodies as well!
Click below to be directed to the Which Wich website to sign up for birthday freebies then come back here and go to to start getting points for driving phone free. Use code SAVEALOTMOM to get bonus points!
safe2save #whichwich #safedriving #donttextanddrive


I got FREE Covergirl Foundation and super cheap Covergirl lip and eye products from Target today!!
If you don’t have the Covergirl manufacturer coupons from the coupon inserts, no worries because you can print them!
Print the $3 off any Covergirl face product and $3 eye product manufacturer coupons here–>
Unfortunately, some cashiers are not trained on the coupon policy. The policy states that you can redeem coupons that are higher value the product’s current price however, there’s no overage. For example: Covergirl foundation is $2.68, coupon will reduce to $2.68 instead of $3. Here’s a photo of the policy referring to this situation and link to review for you.
Just remember that employees reserve the right to refuse or limit coupons for correctly matched items so please be courteous.
Print the $1.50 off Gold Bond Healing or Cracked Skin printable manufacturer coupon and use on this deal at Target!
Get an additional 10% off at the register then use the $1.50 off coupon!
Print coupons here–>
Pay $3.89 for Cracked Skin Relief Body/Hand lotion.
Pay $2 for Ultimate Healing Hand & Body Lotion.
target #goldbond
Pay $2.04 after 15% off Target Circle offer and $.50 cashback offer from Ibotta!
For Ibotta–>
ibotta #albanesecandy #target #targetcircle


Pay $1.49 each for Clairol Nice and Easy haircolor from Walgreens after clearance price and $5 off two boxes printable manufacturer coupon!!
Print here–>
Photos taken at the Harler Heights, TX store. Check your nearest store for similiar deals!
walgreens #clairol #clearance
$.99 each Colgate Total toothpaste from Walgreens!
Print the $1 off Colgate manufacturer coupons and use on this deal at Walgreens!
$4.99, on sale for $3.99. Buy two, get $4 worth of points (4000 pts).
Use two $1 off coupons for both toothpastes.
$3.99-$1=$2.99×2=$5.98-$4 points=$1.98 final price for two or $.99 each!
Print here–>
Check your Walgreens!
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store.
walgreens #clearance #toys
$4.49 each Tums from Walgreens!
$6.99+$3.49=$10.48. Use two $.75 off ANY Tums printable manufacturer coupons.
$10.48-$1.50=$8.98 for two or $4.49 each.
Military discount: $10.48-15%=$8.91-$1.50=$7.41 for two or $3.71 each!
Print coupons–>
walgreens #tums
“As Seen on TV” products on clearance at Walgreens!
Photos taken at the Harker Heights, TX store.
asseenontv #walgreens #clearance
Buy One Get One Blue Diamond nuts from Walgreens!
bogo #bluediamond


Lots of toys on clearance at Harker Heights, TX Walmart! Check your nearest store great deals like these!
walmart #clearance #toys
FREE Cup Noodles Stir Fry from Walmart! You can buy up to three and get cashback for all of them!
For Ibotta–>
ibotta #cupnoodles #walmart #cashback
$.75 each Snack Packs from Walmart after $.25 Ibotta cashback offer!
For Ibotta–>
walmart #snackpacks #ibotta #cashback
Great deals in shoes and sneakers at Walmart!
Photos taken at the Harker Heights, TX store.
shoes #walmart #sneakers #clearance
Great deals on TVs at Walmart!
Found at the Harker Heights, TX store. Check your nearest store.
Chelsea Parks found these women’s tank tops for $1 at Harker Heights Walmart!!
It may not be warm right now but it’s a great price to buy for summer!Thank you Chelsea for sharing!♡

Deals of the Week! (1/26 – 2/1 2020)


Get coupons like this from Arby’s when you sign up for emails!
Get a FREE drink and fries with an entree purchase when you sign up!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers:







Coupon Insert Schedule for 2020:

Click HERE above to review the monthly list of what inserts will be available each week. It will vary by region and subject to change without notice.

Deals of the Week! (January 12th – 18th)


Get 50 Boneless Wings for $25 from Applebee’s! Carside To Go Only. Go HERE to order or for more information.
Check your Chick fil A app for a FREE REWARD!

Colgate Kits for Kids!

If you are an educator of kindergarten and 1st graders, you can get Colgate kits for kids for your class!! Go HERE to sign up!

Fluz App:

I LOVE this Fluz app! I have this app for a week and made $4!
Instead of paying with debit/credit cards or cash, I buy gift cards and use them right at checkout. I get a % cashback after purchase!
I bought a $10 Starbucks gift card and transferred to my Starbucks app. I got $3.70 back for buying that gift card!
You can use in store, put in a store app or for online purchases!
Go HERE to starting money on your gift card purchases.


$1.78 Cafe Bustelo Coffee after $1.50 yellow coupon (or digital version on HEB app) at HEB!
$.98 per pack of Vegi Rice after $1 HEB coupon (yellow or digital version from HEB app) and $.50 cashback Ibotta rebate!
Grab one for $2.48-$1=$1.48-$.50=$.98 each. You can buy up to five and get paid $2.50! For Ibotta, go HERE
Great deal on Ponds Facial products from HEB!
Pay as low as $.47 each!!
Two scenerios below:
#1 Large pack of facial wipes: $4.28
Small pack of facial wipes:$2.97
Total: $7.35
Use $3/2 Ponds manufacturer coupon
Use $3 off HEB basket coupon
$4.35-$3=$1.35 for two!
#2 Ponds cold cream:$3.97
Small pack of facial wipes: $2.97
Total: $6.94
Use $3 off HEB basket coupon
Use $3 off HEB basket coupon
$3.94-$3=$.94 for two!
$1.53 each Special K cereal from HEB!!
Grab two boxes at $3.28=$6.56. Use $2/2 HEB coupon (yellow physical coupon or digital ). $6.56-$2=$4.56. Then redeem for two boxes on Ibotta: $1.50 $4.56-$1.50=$3.06 for two or $1.53 each! For Ibotta, go HERE
$1.97 each Venus Razors from HEB!
Use two $3 off manufacturer coupons from the January P&G inserts.
Use the $4 off HEB basket coupon (yellow physical coupon in store or digital coupon from THE HEB app.)
$7.94-$4=$3.94 for two or $1.97 each!

Sam’s Club:

I shopped at Sam’s Club this morning and grabbed a bunch of quick sale meats! They are about $2-$3 off per pack.
COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: Grab quick sale items in the mornings at Sam’s Club, Walmart and HEB! Selection, quantity and prices vary by store.


If you use Valvoline products, did you know there’s a rewards program to earn FREE merchandise! Refer your friends and do short questions to get extra points! Go HERE to start earning points!


Lots of 70% off clearance at Walgreens in Harker Heights, TX store. For the toys, you can buy 5, get the 6th free and get the 70% off!!
$.99 each Ajax Detergent at Walgreens!!!
$3.29 Gold Bond Spray from Walgreens!
From $8.49 to $4.29. Inside the Walgreens Monthly Booklet*, there’s a $1 off store coupon to use, making it $3.29!
* The Walgreens Booklet is available in store and online.
Photos taken at the Harker Heights, TX store.
Buy any four P&G products at Walgreens, pay $8 for all! If you have the January P&G inserts, you can use them on this deal!
Military gets 15% off on Saturday for Fort Hood area stores. (Get $1.20 off before coupons!)
Print the $.50 off any Lysol brand manufacturer coupon and use on this deal at Walgreens!
The wipes are $3.99 each. $3.99+$0=$3.99-$.50 cpn=$3.49 for two!
Military discount (every Saturday for Fort Hood area stores.) $3.99+$0=$3.99-15%=$3.39-$.50 cpn=$2.89 for two Lysol wipes!!
Print the Lysol coupons HERE


Lots of shoes in clearance at Walmart! Check your local store for similar deals. Selection, quantity, styles and prices vary by location.
The light gray sneakers are scanning $7 a pair.
Photos taken at Harker Heights, TX store.
$1.21 Success Boil in a Bag Rice at Walmart after $ 75 Cashback Ibotta rebate! Go HERE to get paid!
$.36 per pack of Stayfree!
Use the $1 off Stay free product manufacturer coupon (from 1/5 RetailMeNot insert or print here–> at Walmart and get paid $1.50 for buying it!
$2.86-$1=$1.86-$1.50 cashback=$.36
Nighttime Pads: $4.97-$1=$3.97-$1.50=$2.47.
Get paid from Ibotta HERE
Mermaid Hooded Throw in the clearance section at Walmart in Lowe’s Blvd for $5!
If your Walmart has these Petite Pot french pudding, check for $.50 off manufacturer tag coupons. On Ibotta, you’ll get paid $.25 when you buy two.
.25 cashback=$2.71 final price
For Ibotta, go HERE
It’s hard to find coupons for popular name brand groceries so having Ibotta truly helps!
Get cashback rebate when you buy these Philadelphia Cream Cheese from Walmart!
For Ibotta, go HERE

Safe Driving Apps that Offers Incentives.

I have three apps on my phone that offer incentives to drive safely while my phone is in my purse. One app is for Texas residents while the other two are for all drivers within the 50 states. Regardless of where you live, all these apps track how many miles your drive while going phone free, even if you drive out of state. You don’t need to open any of the apps but you need to ensure your locator is enabled to track your miles. All these apps are free to download. If you pick up the phone while driving, you will get alert that you may not get the mileages. These are NOT insurance apps so you don’t need to worry about your driving habits (hopefully they are good habits!).

Safe2Save is my absolute favorite. This is the Texas based app. I have truly benefited from free meals, unique discounts and even three season passes this summer! I have saved way over $500 so far from this app. No matter where you live or travel around in Texas, you will find lots of deals for the area you are in. Even though I love the deals for the Killeen area, I also enjoy the different deals for Austin and San Antonio, where my family visits a lot. For more information or to download this app, go HERE. Use code SAVEALOTMOM to get bonus miles! If you own a business and want to be part of the safe driving program and offer an incentive, you’ll be promoted in a great way! Click HERE for more details!

On My Way is another fabulous app that rewards you for driving without your phone. This app rewards you in CASH! This app is good for drivers that live within the 50 states. Even though it takes awhile to earn cash, refer your friends to earn more and you will also get part of their driving incentives. You don’t have to open the app. The app tracks your miles once you drive over 10 mph. For more information or to download the app, go HERE. To advertise with an offer incentive, go HERE.

Get Miles is a another app that offers special discounts and coupons. It’s still a rather new app so gift cards are slowly showing up. Again, you don’t need to open your app, it will start tracking your miles as soon as you start driving, commuting or biking. For more information or to download the app, go HERE.

An Easy Way to get Giftcards! NO Spending Required! Little Effort to Earn!

There’s an app that I have been using for about 5 years and it never disappoints me. So far, I have redeemed over $300 worth of gift cards from using it. All I have been doing is walking into stores to get “kicks” and scanning particular items to get more “kicks”.  The app is called Shopkicks!  Go HERE to get started! This actually has nothing to do with couponing so those folks that don’t like dealing with coupons, this is a great way to supplement your shopping…with gift cards!

       As you can see in this first photo, I have earned an all time total of 51,518 kicks since I have had the Shopkicks app! Right now, I have 1,268 current kicks.

Here, if you look at the bottom of this photo, I have redeemed “kicks” for 47 gift cards, 5 which I haven’t used and 42 that have been used. The value of the gift cards range from $2 up to $10 each (mostly $5 and $10 gift cards).


  These are some of the gift cards that you can redeem your “kicks” for. There are gift cards for everyone! If your child has a phone, they can download the app and earn “kicks” to get their own gift cards.

 After you download the app, open it as you walk in the store and make sure your WiFi/Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. This is how Shopkicks will know you are in the stores, especially those stores that offer “kicks” when you walk in. A pop up of X amount of “kicks” will appear (if the store is giving you “kicks” for walking in).

As you can see above, Best Buy is offering 50 “kicks” just for walking in. If you decide to shop, you can also scan particular items to get “kicks”. When you see the barcode symbol, that means there’s up to 910 “kicks” offered. It will show you what items you need to scan and it will tell you how much “kicks” it’s worth. This part is great to keep kids entertained. It’s like a scavenger hunt for them! If you and your significant other have the Shopkicks app, give your kids your phones and they can scan each item from all the phones so they are getting a “kick” out of it while you shop. Pun intended. 😉

You will also see a credit card symbol or receipt symbol, that means if you buy any of the scanned items, you will get bonus kicks. So for Best Buy, you will get 2 “kicks” for every $1 you spend. On the Target, you will get points based on how many of the scanned items you end up buying. If you decide to make purchases to get extra kicks, you must link the credit/debit card to the Shopkicks app and MAKE SURE YOU DO THE PURCHASE AS CREDIT to get the points! You are not required to make any purchases however it does help you earn “kicks” way faster.

If you do a lot of online shopping, especially ship to store and instore delivery, you can also earn “kicks” online too! You have to order through the Shopkicks app to track the online sales to get the “kicks”.

I have friends that have a couple of kids that use their spending money with gift cards to supplement their allowance. Some parents have pulled up front of the store, given their oldest child all the phones, run inside the store and come back to the vehicle with several “kicks”, just from walking in, scanning and walking out! These “kicks” do add up!

In short, this is an amazing app! You have full control over how many gift cards you want to get! Go HERE to download it! Everyone in yur family should have it!










Fetch App: Get Paid for Buying what You Need!

One of the apps that I recently started to use has definitely won my heart over. A lot of apps don’t do that for me because they fail to reach my expectations…either not enough products to get rebates from, brands I never heard of or it takes forever to get cash back.

This app is called Fetch Rewards. What I love about it is that it’s “everyday” popular brands, such as Suave, Dove, Prego Sauce and Knorr’s Pasta and Rice. Each rebate is in the form of points. 500 points is worth $.50. 1000 points is $1, 1500 points is $1.50. Points for each product vary, starting at 500 points up to 3000 points!

Once you get up to 5,000 points, you can trade those points for gift cards! I have accumulated over 30,000 points so far. I redeemed 20,000 points for a gift card, which I gave as a birthday gift. So, I have 12,000 points left. I am saving my points for a bigger $ amount gift card for Christmas!

Another cool option to this app is that you still get points even if you didn’t buy anything on the app product list. It’s not much but 25 points for each receipt definitely helps!


This app is very easy to use. You hit SCAN and ensure your receipt is clear and legible to see. If your receipt is long, you can do sections. After you are finished, you hit SUBMIT and within 60 seconds, it will tell you A) if there’s eligible items from the product list, if so, it will posts the points. B) It will post “bonus points” , C) offer points even if there’s no eligible items and D) if it can’t see specific qualifications, it will tell you so you can correct it right away. Make sure you  are in an area that is well lit.

To rack up your points faster, share your referral code to get extra points.

For more information or to download, go HERE. Copy/paste code CW7XW  to get 1500 points when you submit your first receipt!

Get Paid to Shop for Things You Need! Popular Cash Back Apps!

*UPDATED LIST as of July 14,


I have tried lots of apps and they come and go or they don’t give out a lot of incentives. These apps I have now are tried & true and been used for years so they will not disappoint you.

These apps are also perfect for those folks that don’t have time to coupon yet they want the benefit of savings by getting paid.

A lot of these apps require you to do the rebates within 1 to 2 weeks after purchase so make a weekly habit of doing this process.

How to stay on track  and get PAID using these apps:

1)keep all your receipts in a pile each week.

2)Pick a day to spend about 10 mins to take photos/scan receipts and products. I do them on Sundays. If you reconcile your checking/savings account on a particular day, do this altogether on the same day. OR redeem your receipts as you get them and mark them with a letter that each app name starts with.

REBATE PROGRAM APPS – Give Cash Back to you!


**These apps pay you for specific items:**

1)  Ibotta: A phone app rebate program which offers cash back on “everyday” items from select stores and restaurants. Just like a mail in rebate offer, this is done online and you get your cash within 12-24 hours! No more waiting 6-8 weeks for a check! Ibotta offers rebates on food, clothes, restaurants, movies, baby items…it’s endless! It doesn’t matter if you used coupons or got it for free, you are rewarded for using Ibotta! Go HERE to get started! You’ll get $10 bonus when you redeem your first offer!

2) Checkout 51:  All you do is select the item that you want to submit for rebate, take a picture of the receipt and scan the UPC code and you get paid within 24 hours! Go HERE to get started! Get $2 cash back when you redeem your first offer, then an $1 extra back for the next three redemptions for a total of $5 bonus cash!

3)  Fetch Rewards: All you do is scan the UPC bar code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt and you will get your cash! Use Code CW7XW to get 1500 points to start with! Go HERE to get started.
After you download it, you select products that you are planning on buying within the week. After you make your purchases, you scan the UPC code off the product(s) and take a picture of your receipt. EVEN IF YOU DON’T BUY THE SPECIFIED PRODUCTS, STILL TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR RECIEPTS, YOU GET POINTS!

**The apps below pay you for receipts, not specific products so those restaurants, clothing and miscellaneous receipts qualify for these apps.**

  1) Receipt Hog: A phone rebate app that takes picture of your grocery receipts and give you coins, based on how much you spend. In addition, once you exceed certain levels, you will also be able to play to win extra coins by playing slots! You can trade your coins for cash or Amazon gift cards. Go HERE to get started.
You can trade the coins for Amazon gift cards or for cash! Amazon gift cards come handy especially during the holidays or if you need to buy a gift card for someone special.

2) Receipt Jar: Another app that pays you when you take photos of your receipts. You get coins based on how much you spend. Use code JENNVXYJ3 to get 200 points. Click HERE to get started.

3) CoinOut: This app pays you random cash amounts for each receipt, regardless of how much you spend. Go HERE to get started.

4) Shopkicks: a phone app that offers gift cards without making a purchase!
All you do is walk in the specified stores to earn your kicks and scan bar codes off the selected items for more kicks. The more kick you get, the higher the value of gift cards you can earn!
If you plan to make a purchase in that store, you can link your debit/credit card to Shopkick before you buy and earn more points too!
I have earned so many gift cards without making a single purchase! On special occasions/special holidays, they offer high value kicks for walking in certain stores. **Everyone in your household that has a smartphone can use this phone app and save the gift cards for a bigger purchase!** For more information about Shopkick, go HERE.

5) Rakuten: this website/app offers cash back on most of your online shopping. Rakuten offers you a rebate for every online purchase! So while you are staying home or at the office, you are not wasting time to heading to the store! That’s my kind of deal! Click HERE to find out more about Rakuten! **New members get a $10 giftcard of their choice when they sign up and spend $25 or more on their first purchase!** This site will come very handy during Back To School and Christmas! It is quite awesome to save money using promo codes online but it’s way cooler to get cash back rebates for shopping online!

**Other Apps that pay you:*

1) Safe2Save: This app promotes safe driving! You get points based on how many mileage you drive or ride. You can trade these points for free or discounted food, drink, venue and special items! Before you or the driver puts the vehicle in drive, open the app and watch your points go up as you go! Go HERE and put in code SAVEALOTMOM.

2) Miles Rewards: Pays you for the mileage you drive. You can trade your points for special offers and giveaways. You’ll earn 2000 points for signing up! Sign up HERE.

3) Sweatcoin pays you to walk and run. It counts the steps you do! Trade the coins for free items! Sign HERE

COUPON & STORE SAVINGS/RESOURCE DATABASE PROGRAMS: These apps that I use are a quick resource to find coupons and seek breakdowns on certain items – they are not rebate apps but they help me save time and money.
Flipp App: Good to find out what’s on sale in stores, where’s the best deal on the specific item(s) you are looking for. offers breakdowns and provides a coupon policy for quick reference. To start on Flipp, go HERE. After it downloads, you can select all the stores within a 100-mile radius for which you want to see sales.
This is not 100 percent accurate since the sales fliers are regional and not all locations have the same sales.
Once you select all the stores you want sales for, you can view up to five stores at once for specific items. For instance, if you want a deal on diapers, type in “DIAPER” in the search spot and it will pull up all the stores within a 60 mile radius that have deals on diapers (all brands). If you want a specific brand of diapers, type in the brand and any sales for that brand will show up on the database.
Coupon Cabin/RetailMeNot: Both of these apps offer you a wide variety of coupons and discounts to your favorite stores and restaurants, online and in-store. If you are visiting a retail store or shopping online, you can type in the name of the store in one or both apps and they will tell you all the available coupons for that particular store.
CouponTom: This website tells you what inserts the coupons are in. It even tells you if they are on the printable websites and it will direct you to print them too. I use this app alot since I keep my inserts whole. I save hours by not clipping all the coupons. Did you know on average, you only use about 25% of all the coupons in an insert!?! Why waste that time? Clip as needed.

Get PAID to Walk or Run! Yes, you read that right!


Did you know that you can earn points, without making purchases at Walgreens??  If you are walking, trying to lose weight or even trying to quit smoking, Walgreens rewards you for THAT!

Click HERE for all the details and to find out how to get started! You will be glad you did!

If you walk 5 miles a day, that’s 100 points! Do that for a week and that’s 700 points! Do it for 30 days and that’s 2100 points!!! That’s over $2 worth of points a month! For 365 days, you’ll have $25 worth of points! That just for walking! Connect your Fitbit/walking device and it will track it for you!

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Savealotmom’s Favorite Money Saving Phone Apps! Life Changer!

There are lots of phone rebate programs out there but the following apps are very popular and are my favorite!These are both rebates and coupon/store database programs that can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Even if you are not a couponer, this is another way to save money by getting cash or gift cards back for your purchases.


Favado: Good to find out what’s on sale in stores, where’s the best deal on the specific item(s) you are looking for. offers breakdowns and provides a coupon policy for quick reference. To start on Favado, go HERE.

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