DIY Wall Art Collage

I created an artwork for my daughter’s bedroom. This artwork is very easy to do for the most part. The tricky part is spacing the canvas evenly between the other canvas and ribbons but you can use a ruler to have a preset even distance (I used a piece of ribbon and cardboard cylinder the ribbon was on).

You will need the following items to create this artwork or similiar to create the wall collage:

*Acrylic paint bottles (colors of your choice, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby), *10-20 canvas boards (at Dollar Tree), *Sponge brushes (at Dollar Tree), *1-5 colors of ribbons (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby), one dowel (Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby), hot glue gun and glue sticks (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby).

For all the supplies I needed to make this, I spent less than $25 at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Walmart
Lay out your canvas how you want it displayed on your wall. You will have the canvas touching each other for now. I used hot glue on the touching sides to keep the whole collage stick together while painting. Start painting! Any colors, any design!
After putting paint on the canvases, I used the sponge brushes to blend the colors.
If you have any live or fake plants, clip them and wipe them down with a moist cloth.
Take a piece of a leaf, paint it any color, preferably a brighter color. I used white to place against the dark painted colors on the canvas. Press paint down leaf on the canvas and press hard against the canvas. Lift the leaf up carefully. Repeat with different leaves and colors.
Let it dry for a couple of hours. Carefully break the hardened hot glue between each canvas. Spread out each canvas, giving equal spaces. It’s time to get the ribbon out!
Lay out the length of ribbon you need and enough to hang it on the dowel. Hot glue the end against the ribbon and let cool.
I used a piece of ribbon to measure spaces between ribbons and between each canvas. After everything is spaced evening, you can hot glue the back on the canvas to the ribbons.

DIY Wreath less than $2 to make!

I made a wreath out of coffee filters! You can get the foam circle and coffee filters from the Dollar Tree! You can use other shapes as well.

What you need to do this project is:

Foam circle, hot glue gun, coffee filters, markers, spray bottle with water, pins and aluminum foil (not pictured).

Grab 3-4 coffee filters at a time and use the markers to color on the top filter. I used the pie slice design to have intense colors on the filters when they get wet and soak through the layers of the filters. You can do swirls or other designs. The more colors you use, the colorful they are and the color from the top filter will soak thru the layers of coffee filters. You will need about 60 colored coffee filters to create a full wreath.

After you have colored the coffee filters, lay out aluminum foil (so water and colors doesn’t leak through the foil), flatten the colored filters and spray til it is fully soaked and the colors start to bleed together. Let air dry, preferably outside for a couple of hours. Repeat this till you have sprayed and air dried about 60 coffee filters.

After all the coffee filters are done, you are ready to start on your wreath. Plug in your glue gun! Fold one filter in half like a taco. As you hold the folded filter, use your other hand, using your fingers to make a circle around the fingers holding the filter. Bring your circled fingers up as your other hand holds the folded filter which will create a crinkled bunch of the filter

Add hot glue to the tip of the filter and carefully put it on the foam. After it is on the foam, pin it to keep it intact. Repeat this on the outside, inside and middle of the foam circle. Lay the wreath flat to add filters for easy application.

Keep adding colored filters till it’s completely covered. Use wrapping ribbon or clear fishing line to hang! You can hang it outside, away from the sun and elements or hang it inside above your fireplace!

If you want to add more elements to it, the Dollar Tree has feathered fake birds and flowers you can add to the wreath.

Moon Dough. Super Easy & Fun!

I love making dough (and slime) because it is so easy to make and it actually feel relaxing playing with it. It only requires two ingredients: corn starch and hair conditioner! You can use any brand of hair conditioner. I used Suave brand.

Use 1 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of hair conditioner.
Mix gently in circular motion.
Your child can also use their hands to mix.
All done and ready to play with it!
You can use food coloring. We made a purplish color.

DIY Safe & Effective Ant Killer Potion.

Do you want an effective ant killer potion that you can make yourself?
Usually after a heavy rainstorm, I find annoying s fire ant hills so I make an ant killer formula to use to get rid of the ant piles.
Get a clean 1 gallon jug, fill up water to the top part where the handles starts. Use Dawn Dish Detergent, pour about a half bottle of Dawn in the water jug. Screw the cap tight on the jug and tip the jug around ( don’t shake) to mix the liquids together.

Go outside and pour to soak each anthill. Then grab the garden hose and use the “jet” part of the sprayer to break up the ant tunnels. This will allow the formula to soak deeper in the ground. This will not harm the grass! Ants will disappear within 24-48 hours and you will be ant free for about 3-5 months.
Walgreens usually sells Dawn detergent is on sale for $.99. Get it on Saturday to recieve 15% military discount —> $.84. Since I’m using a half a bottle, I’m spending about $.42 per ant killer gallon! And it works!!! It is safe on grass, pets and children.

DIY Easter Wreaths

It’s time to get crafty during quarantine! I found some things around my house to create a wreath. What you’ll need is:

Hot glue gun, cardboard, tape and gift wrapping ribbon. Since Easter is around the corner, I grabbed plastic Easter eggs that I bought last year after Easter for 90% off. For Christmas, you can use Christmas tree plastic bulbs. Thanksgiving, you can use bird’s feathers. Summertime, you can use flip flops.

I found cardboard and made a circle to cut out.
I cut a circle and made a hole to create a wreath form.
Heat up your hot glue and start adding glue to the egg to the cardboard. Use wrap ribbon to hang out finished wreath.
So when Easter is over, buy the plastic eggs on clearance and save for next year’s craft.

Make your own Clorox Wipes.

Finding actual Clorox disinfectant wipes are scarce at all retail stores. If you have any bleach and paper towels, you can make your own wipes! You don’t need alot of bleach!

You will need a roll of paper towels, bleach, measuring cup, water and a jug or pitcher. If you have an empty wipes container, you can use it. I’m using resealble ziplock bags instead.
For paper towels, use a sturdy brand like Bounty and Brawny. If you use generic brands, they RIP very easily when trying to pull one wipe from the roll.
If you have old clean cloth rags, this can work instead of paper towels.
Cut the paper towels in half and remove the cardboard from inside.
For 2 cut up rolls, you’ll need 1/2 gallon of water and carefully measure 1/2 cup of bleach then pour in water and lightly mix.
I’m using two full rolls of paper towels, cut into 4 small rolls so 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of bleach.
Put 1 dry half roll in the empty container or gallon baggy.
After the liquid is mixed, carefully pour half of the liquid into the first container or baggy and close it. Repeat for the second paper towel, pouring the remaining mix in the container or baggy.
Let it sit for 1-2 hours. Now, they are ready to be used!
You can use the excess bleach/water mixture in spray bottles to clean and disinfect!

Soap Strips for Quick and Easy Hand & Body Washings

People are buying up liquid hand soaps but there seems to be lots of bars of soap on the shelves in stores. My family doctor told me that bars of soap work the BEST on your hands and body.

The one thing I don’t like about using soap bars is that gunky film left on them after using them. I’ve learned to shave pieces off a unused bar and use those shavings to wash up. One sliver disappears within the foamy hand washing.

What you need is a little container to store the shavings/silver of soap, a vegetable peeler and a bar of soap. I got a 3 pack of Coast soap for $1.65 from Dollar General. You can also buy soap packs at The Dollar Tree too. I had an old Cover Girl Compact, which I cleaned all the pressed powder out and used it to store the soap slivers. I also had a small tin lying around so I used that as well.
After peeling the soap the long way, I cut the sliver in half.
After I cut it up, I used my fingers to warm up the slivers of soap to flatten them into the containers. Boom! Ready to go! Perfect to stick in the purse and use on the go where there’s a sink!
If you want to use in the shower to wash the body, don’t cut the sliver in half, use 1 strip.
The best way to use these soap shavings is to pick one up with DRY HANDS FIRST then wet your hands with the soap. For effective cleaning, wash your hands for 30 seconds