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Dinner for 4 people under $10! Scallop Potatoes Casserole

I am always searching for great deals on home cooked meals, stretching the dollar and maximizing the amount of entrees in an household. If you love potatoes, ham and cheese, you will love this recipe! If you don’t want ham in it, you can use cooked chicken or pork instead or as a vegetarian dish. I recently […]

Amazon Prime is June 21st and 22nd!

These two days are seriously my favorite days because there are so many great items with deep savings! It can be overwhelming at times but I’m definitely not complaining because I’ll never run out of finding deals! To maximize the most of your savings, check out the following trial memberships that you can utilize during […]

Pogo Passes on Sale!

Pogo Passes are valid for 12 month after purchase date so you have lots of time to use them. Follow Pogo Pass on Facebook HERE for updates. You can also follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are a great way to follow up on current updates regarding your PogoPasses. What is Pogo […]

DIY Wall Art Collage

I created an artwork for my daughter’s bedroom. This artwork is very easy to do for the most part. The tricky part is spacing the canvas evenly between the other canvas and ribbons but you can use a ruler to have a preset even distance (I used a piece of ribbon and cardboard cylinder the […]

Restaurants Offering Family Meal Deals

These are restaurants offering family meal deals specially priced during the pandemic. All offers are subject to change. Click on restaurant name to be directed to their website for more information or to order. You can also find their Facebook page through their website as well. Alexander’s Kitchen, Salado Applebee’s Bar & Grill Ari’s Italian […]

DIY Wreath less than $2 to make!

I made a wreath out of coffee filters! You can get the foam circle and coffee filters from the Dollar Tree! You can use other shapes as well. What you need to do this project is: Foam circle, hot glue gun, coffee filters, markers, spray bottle with water, pins and aluminum foil (not pictured). Grab […]

Moon Dough. Super Easy & Fun!

I love making dough (and slime) because it is so easy to make and it actually feel relaxing playing with it. It only requires two ingredients: corn starch and hair conditioner! You can use any brand of hair conditioner. I used Suave brand.

DIY Safe & Effective Ant Killer Potion.

Do you want an effective ant killer potion that you can make yourself? Usually after a heavy rainstorm, I find annoying s fire ant hills so I make an ant killer formula to use to get rid of the ant piles. Get a clean 1 gallon jug, fill up water to the top part where […]

DIY Easter Wreaths

It’s time to get crafty during quarantine! I found some things around my house to create a wreath. What you’ll need is: Hot glue gun, cardboard, tape and gift wrapping ribbon. Since Easter is around the corner, I grabbed plastic Easter eggs that I bought last year after Easter for 90% off. For Christmas, you […]