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Is Extreme Couponing Really Worth it?

Five years ago, I was at the heights of extreme couponing. It felt like the deals just fell in my hands and it was such an exciting feeling to get so much for so little. Oh, and my stockpile? It was big and beautiful! However, during the last 6 months of this type of adventure, […]

Risks when selling Stockpiles.

The opinions about stockpile sales is generally a hot topic, often highly charged by various couponers. I want to share both sides, including my stance on this. Either way, selling is VERY RISKY. I feel that anytime there’s a gray/risky area, it pushes on the ethical aspect, posing as a questionable act. Never trust or […]

Tips to save money throughout the school year

Most parents and students do most of the back to school shopping right before school starts to prepare them for the school year but what about throughout the year? Students will eventually need to buy more supplies, clothes and food at some point, right? Even though the back to school sales will end shortly after […]

Why is Couponing becoming trickier to save?

Most coupon policy changes are made because of bad AND excessive behaviors, which means the whole couponing community is affected. Printable coupons: What’s hurting stores across the U.S, especially in the Killeen area, are fraudulent printable coupons. These coupons are usually bought in bulks by “IP (Internet Printable) fairies” and “coupon fairies”. Nowadays, when you print […]

Tips for Effective Couponing! The REAL Savings!

For anyone that is starting out on the savings bandwagon, couponing can be extremely overwhelming. Even as an intermediate, there are times that you feel like you are pulled in different directions mentally. To help you watch your spending and decide what’s a decent deal, I posted a few photos of what to look for, […]

FREE Season Pass Tickets to SeaWorld?! No WAY!!!!

If you have any kids in your family that are ages 3-5 years old, you can get FREE Season Passes to Seaworld!!! Registration ends May 31st so sign up NOW! Get the ticket(s) now and they are good til January 6, 2019! All you need is either a certified birth certificate or a passport to […]

Get PAID to Walk or Run! Yes, you read that right!

*UPDATE* Did you know that you can earn points, without making purchases at Walgreens??  If you are walking, trying to lose weight or even trying to quit smoking, Walgreens rewards you for THAT! Click HERE for all the details and to find out how to get started! You will be glad you did! If you […]