An Easy Way to get Giftcards! NO Spending Required! Little Effort to Earn!

There’s an app that I have been using for about 5 years and it never disappoints me. So far, I have redeemed over $300 worth of gift cards from using it. All I have been doing is walking into stores to get “kicks” and scanning particular items to get more “kicks”.  The app is called Shopkicks!  Go HERE to get started! This actually has nothing to do with couponing so those folks that don’t like dealing with coupons, this is a great way to supplement your shopping…with gift cards!

       As you can see in this first photo, I have earned an all time total of 51,518 kicks since I have had the Shopkicks app! Right now, I have 1,268 current kicks.

Here, if you look at the bottom of this photo, I have redeemed “kicks” for 47 gift cards, 5 which I haven’t used and 42 that have been used. The value of the gift cards range from $2 up to $10 each (mostly $5 and $10 gift cards).


  These are some of the gift cards that you can redeem your “kicks” for. There are gift cards for everyone! If your child has a phone, they can download the app and earn “kicks” to get their own gift cards.

 After you download the app, open it as you walk in the store and make sure your WiFi/Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. This is how Shopkicks will know you are in the stores, especially those stores that offer “kicks” when you walk in. A pop up of X amount of “kicks” will appear (if the store is giving you “kicks” for walking in).

As you can see above, Best Buy is offering 50 “kicks” just for walking in. If you decide to shop, you can also scan particular items to get “kicks”. When you see the barcode symbol, that means there’s up to 910 “kicks” offered. It will show you what items you need to scan and it will tell you how much “kicks” it’s worth. This part is great to keep kids entertained. It’s like a scavenger hunt for them! If you and your significant other have the Shopkicks app, give your kids your phones and they can scan each item from all the phones so they are getting a “kick” out of it while you shop. Pun intended. 😉

You will also see a credit card symbol or receipt symbol, that means if you buy any of the scanned items, you will get bonus kicks. So for Best Buy, you will get 2 “kicks” for every $1 you spend. On the Target, you will get points based on how many of the scanned items you end up buying. If you decide to make purchases to get extra kicks, you must link the credit/debit card to the Shopkicks app and MAKE SURE YOU DO THE PURCHASE AS CREDIT to get the points! You are not required to make any purchases however it does help you earn “kicks” way faster.

If you do a lot of online shopping, especially ship to store and instore delivery, you can also earn “kicks” online too! You have to order through the Shopkicks app to track the online sales to get the “kicks”.

I have friends that have a couple of kids that use their spending money with gift cards to supplement their allowance. Some parents have pulled up front of the store, given their oldest child all the phones, run inside the store and come back to the vehicle with several “kicks”, just from walking in, scanning and walking out! These “kicks” do add up!

In short, this is an amazing app! You have full control over how many gift cards you want to get! Go HERE to download it! Everyone in yur family should have it!